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The Knot

The briefing of this project came from Novo Nordisk, a pharmaceutical company interested to learn more about how data might enable a higher level of care, while lessening the burden of living with type 2 diabetes. The scope evolved around better diet and exercise, which allowed us to focus our research on those topics. Because testing with actual diabetes patients wasn’t allowed due to ethical reasons, and because co-responsibility is not thoroughly researched when it comes to type 2 diabetes related studies, we decided to focus our efforts on exploring how friends and family support diabetes patients. The results indicated that there are two stages in co-responsibility that require different types of solutions: 1) a foreign stage in which the way of acting and supporting has to be established, and 2) an entrenched stage in which support has been ingrained into the daily routine. Therefore, we proposed a central design piece that visualises different types of data, suitable to the stage the users are in, to help co-responsible people support their close ones.

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